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One Piece 1051 Spoiler: Who is Shogun Wano's Successor?

One Piece 1051 Spoiler: Who is Shogun Wano's Successor?

In the One Piece story, the residents of Wano are finally free after 20 years of suffering from being under pressure from Orochi and Kaido. 

This is based on what appeared in chapter 1050 yesterday. In that chapter, we saw how in the end Luffy managed to beat Kaido. 

It was Nekomamushi who announced it directly to everyone in Onigashima.

What is also interesting is how later Denjiro announced how a new Shogun era in Wano was reborn. 

This comes after the death of Orochi where Denjiro managed to behead the last head of Orochi as shown in chapter 1049 yesterday. 

However, of course the fans are curious who will be the next ruler of Wano.

Who is the next ruler of Wano in One Piece?

One Piece 1051 Spoiler: Who is Shogun Wano's Successor?

This big question has actually been around for a long time and has been the subject of discussion. 

In fact, this question had been raised since the beginning of the battle in Onigashima. 

Many fans then predict who will likely be the new leader of Wano after the defeat of Kaido and Orochi. There are approximately three candidates that appear.

The first is one of the Red Scabbards. Red Scabbards is a subordinate of the figure of Kozuki Oden. 

They are loyal followers of Oden who vowed to avenge the death of his master and want to make his dream come true. 

The dream is to reopen the border in Wano which has been closed for thousands of years.

Kozuki Oden failed to do so, which was why Red Scabbards was determined to carry on with the master's will. 

Technically, indeed one of the Red Scabbards could have taken over Wano's power considering they are the "right hand" of Kozuki Oden, the rightful heir of the Wano Shogun after Sukiyaki. 

Moreover, one of the Red Scabbards members already has experience and knows a lot about Wano's condition.

However, even so, it seems unethical to have subordinates of Kozuki Oden who lead the Wano region when there is still a living rightful heir. 

They were none other than Kozuki Hiyori and also Kozuki Momonosuke. 

Talking about the two, there is a lot of speculation about who deserves to hold the power of Wano.

Appropriate Figure

One Piece 1051 Spoiler: Who is Shogun Wano's Successor?

Some fans think that Kozuki Hiyori will later become the next ruler of the Wano region. 

This is because Hiyori is considered to meet the existing "requirements". 

First, Hiyori's age is old enough to become a ruler. Unlike Momonosuke, who is still eight years old. 

However, it was later thanks to Shinobu that Momonosuke finally returned to his original age.

However, this does not rule out the fact that Momonosuke's mental and personality is still eight years old. 

Second, Hiyori is also knowledgeable about what happened in Wano in the last 20 years. 

Momonosuke has been missing for 20 years and he doesn't know what the conditions and the situation in Wano are. 

Even so, Hiyori's leadership probably won't last long.

In the speculation mentioned that Hiyori will give the reins of power to Momonosuke when the time is right. 

However, if you look at what appears in the story, the person who can and is legitimate to later become the next leader of Wano is Kozuki Momonosuke. 

Momonosuke is the first child and son of Kozuki Oden.

He is currently still alive and has returned to Wano. 

Hierarchically, it was men who later became the next heirs of Wano. 

If then Kozuki Oden is the rightful heir of Kozuki Sukiyaki, then Momonosuke is the rightful heir of Kozuki Oden. 

Momonosuke who is now quite an adult, is very worthy of being the leader of Wano. 

Momo can still continue to grow and become strong. 

In addition, Momo also promised to open the Wano border which means he needs the authority to do so.

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