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One Piece 1050: Luffy Rejects Kaido to be his Alliance, Straw Hats ordained as Emperor of the Sea

Fans have to be a little patient waiting for the One Piece 1050 spoiler to appear.

Because this week One Piece 1050 is off and will only be released next week.

However, on social media, there are many predictions for One Piece 1050.

One of One Piece's predictions 1050 alludes to Kaido's fate after being dropped by Luffy on the mainland.

The following is a discussion about the continuation of the One Piece 1050 story.

It is interesting to discuss the continuation of the One Piece story which will be released next week.

One Piece 1050 is likely to be filled with a number of surprising things.

The chapter will start with Kaido accepting his defeat from Luffy.

Kaido accepted his defeat after hearing what world Luffy wanted to create.

After being knocked down to the ground, the narrator will officially announce Kaido's defeat.

This moment is like the announcement of Big Mom's defeat by Kid and Law.

Previously, Big Mom's defeat occurred in chapter 1040.

Then if it is true then the announcement of Kaido's defeat from Luffy will occur in chapter 1050.

Besides that there is a possibility of losing, Kaido offers to join Luffy's alliance, it's still wide open.

Looks like Luffy rejected Kaido as his ally.

However, this situation will be similar to the moment when the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was formed.

At that time Luffy mentally rejected the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

Even though they were rejected, they still insisted on becoming a part of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Their decision to join was not wrong because Luffy is very open to becoming the emperor of the ocean.

This can happen after Luffy can defeat the strongest creature, the king of beasts.

Then there will be a panel showing the people of the flower capital.

They will see Onigashima Island that lands smoothly on the mainland of Wano Kuni.

They also began to realize that Wano Kuni had been freed from the shackles after seeing Momonosuke grow up.

These are some of the predictions for One Piece 1050 that have been compiled.

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