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One Piece: Oda Tells Why Luffy Never Kills His Enemies


One Piece: Oda Tells Why Luffy Never Kills His Enemies

Until One Piece 1048 will be released later, many questions about the main character Luffy are asked by fans.

One of the questions that fans have always asked until now is the reason why Luffy and One Piece 1048 never kill his enemies?

Check out the discussion on the mystery of One Piece 1048 regarding the reason why Luffy never kills his enemy, which was revealed by Oda some time ago.

During the fight with his enemies, Luffy often knocks his enemies down and also beats them until they are powerless.

Even so, Luffy never killed his enemy.

Luffy no matter how cruel and how big a crime his enemy has committed, he still doesn't kill him.

In a question and answer session with fans, Oda explained that this is not a matter of morality.

Rather it is a matter of punishing criminals based on their mistakes.

He felt that killing criminals just made them go too easily.

While he considers that criminals deserve to continue his life.

So that those criminals could see their dreams shattered, and that was a punishment that deserved more than killing him.

Oda said, why didn't Luffy kill anyone?

One Piece: Oda Tells Why Luffy Never Kills His Enemies

In this era, people put their lives on the beliefs and beliefs they struggle with.

When he went to war, Luffy broke his enemy's trust. And when their enemy's trust is broken, they will feel the destruction like death.

Oda again said if he thinks killing or not is the second thing from winning or losing.

However, Luffy is also not against others to do more actions than what he already did.

Like when Luffy allowed Law to try to take further action on Doflamingo after he defeated him.

But Law's efforts were only limited to stopping the cage of cruelty made by Doflamingo.

Because to stop that, the way is to kill Doflamingo directly or stop him with his own consciousness.

Another thing that happened was that after Luffy defeated his enemies, most of them became good and joined into his alliance. Like what happened to Crocodile and Jinbei.

Crocodile who had been defeated by Luffy in the kingdom of Alabasta, was later captured and detained by the navy in Impel Down.

Thanks to Luffy, Crocodile was able to get out of the naval prison.

Until the battle at Marineford, Crocodile came and helped Luffy to save Ace, even though Ace eventually died at the hands of Akainu.

Unlike Crocodile who only came when he was at Marineford, Jinbei, who is Luffy's old enemy, has now officially joined the Straw Hat pirate crew.

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