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One Piece 1046 Spoiler, Joy Boy Turns Out To Be A God In The Past Who Created Devil Fruits

 There are several clues until One Piece 1046 regarding Joy Boy's true identity.

Ahead of One Piece 1046, there is a theory that says that Joy Boy is the God who first created the devil fruit.

The theory states that Joy Boy used to create various mythical creatures with his imagination, including a legendary dragon.

The dragon in the Void Century betrays its creator, Joy Boy along with other mythical creatures who honor their master.

The dragon then feels guilty when he sees Joy Boy dying after being attacked by an alliance from 20 other kingdoms in the Void Century.

The legendary samurai Ryuma who is Joy Boy's best friend finally kills the dragon.

But there is a second possibility regarding Joy Boy's connection with the devil fruit.

In the past, there were only two devil fruits of the type of God and a mythological creature.

At that time the World Government possessed the mythological dragon Kaido's devil fruit and used it to destroy Joy Boy.

This is proven by the World Government which currently insists on recreating Kaido's devil fruit through Vegapunk's doctor.

They know the history of Joy Boy who was defeated by a dragon.
That's why the World Government insists on making a dragon devil fruit, they want to prepare if one day Joy Boy is reborn.

But his dragon-made devil fruit isn't good enough because it doesn't have the will of the dragon that killed Joy Boy in the past.

The dragon devil fruit is now eaten by the strongest creature Kaido.

When Kaido eats the Uo Uo no Mi, he inherits the will of the dragon that once killed Joy Boy.

Kaido wants to be Joy Boy because he now has the will of the dragon.

The dragon used to feel guilty and wanted to make sure that Joy Boy's dream came true.

Kaido realizes that he can't be Joy Boy and tries to make him with the Devil Fruit Smile.

So most likely at the end of the Wano Arc, Kaido will help Joy Boy who is none other than Luffy.

Joy Boy in One Piece 1046 will free Kaido from all his mistakes and he will forgive the dragon who betrayed him before.

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