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5 Relatable Adulting Phases in Korean Drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

The drama that just ended on April 3, 2022 is still hotly discussed.

The drama stars Nam Joo Hyuk (Baek Yi Jin), Kim Tae Ri (Na Hee Do), Bona (Ko Yu Rim), Choi Hyun Wook (Moon Ji Woong), and Lee Joo Myoung (Ji Seung Wan).

This slice of life drama tells the story of the lives of five friends with various problems in the early phase of their 20s.

Stepping into your 20s and living your life in your early 20s is an emotional phase of life.

All emotions began to emerge and more felt. Explosive dreams, feeling first love, warm friendships, and various conflicts that are experienced for the first time.

All of that is warmly packaged in the drama Twenty Five Twenty One.

There are many lessons of maturity that are very relevant to us. What can we learn from this drama?

1. The 20s phase is the self-discovery phase

The advantage of being in this phase is the freedom to dream without too much risk.

As happened in the lives of Ko Yu Rim and Na Hee Do. Choosing to become a professional fencer is not an easy choice.

Many have to be sacrificed such as school, time to play, time to relax. However, they continue to strive to make this dream come true.

Even though on the way there were many who opposed, experienced ups and downs, doubted their abilities, experienced failures, even when they were successful there were still slanted comments.

Maybe that's what we're going through too. Maybe we're still in the process of finding what we want, but that's okay. The process of finding it does not take place instantaneously, really.

Enjoy the process! And for those of you who are struggling, keep on chasing your dreams!

2. Step into a more serious love relationship

When Na Hee Do thought that love story was like in the comic Full House, it turned out to be not that smooth in reality.

He came to understand the true meaning of love when he was with Baek Yi Jin.

Love that accepts and complements each other.

Likewise, in the adulting phase, we understand more about the true meaning of love, not just every Saturday night, weekly together, watching movies together, eating together.

But love is more than that. The real struggle of love exists when facing challenges from various parties. So, can you stick around and work it out with him?

3. Finding the right circle in your 20s is the best investment

As mentioned in the first point, this period is a time of self-discovery.

Curiosity to try new things will be very high intensity. Therefore, finding the right circle of friends is one of the keys.

We can do a lot of fun things when we're with the right people.

Doing something new for the first time can be a lot of fun.

That is also what is highlighted in friendship in the drama Twenty Five Twenty One. Even though they have different characters, they can complement each other.

This phase is very crucial for their future life. Because if you continue to stay in the wrong circle, it will be very difficult to fix it.

So find the right friends to shape your life in this phase of your 20s.

4. Begin to understand the meaning behind every treatment of people around us

Sometimes the more you know the truth, the more it hurts. Because after all, the reality of life must be experienced. When we are teenagers, our minds cannot reach the minds of adults.

But as we enter our 20s, our minds develop and become more aware of the actions of those around us. There must be a meaning.

Like Na Hee Do who just understood how his mother treated him when he wanted to open up and learn to see from his mother's point of view.

He understood the meaning behind it all.

Apparently, his mother had been harboring the same pain when his father left him.

But her mother covered her sadness by busy working. It's not that her mother is selfish, but that's her way of moving on even though her attitude is also unjustifiable.

5. Sometimes reality doesn't go the way we want

Young people with high ideals sometimes often clash with the existing reality.

Like Baek Yi Jin who used to be the son of a rich man but his family went bankrupt. In the end, he had to live a life that was 180 degrees different from his previous life.

The struggle against the harshness of life is felt in every episode.

The same thing happened with Na Hee Do in the beginning, his determination to become an athlete was also underestimated by the coach and even his own mother.

The same thing is experienced by Ko Yu Rim, a person who is used to winning in every match but loses to newcomers.

Is this happening to you too? Maybe reality doesn't match our expectations.

Remember that it's a part of adulting. When that happens, don't panic but focus on the solution and move on with your life.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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