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One Punch Man: 4 Types of Monster Centipede!

One Punch Man: 4 Types of Monster Centipede!

As a series that parodies various superhero elements as well as the current shnen genre, One-Punch Man presents many unique monsters in its story. 

Not infrequently this series also presents monsters inspired by other popular series, such as Vaccine Man or Marugori. 

However, there is one type of monster that has received special attention from Yusuke Murata and ONE.

The monster is a centipede or centipede. 

The large centipede monsters have appeared since the beginning of the series, and over time, the creators of the series began to frequently present various types of centipedes. 

Then, what are the centipede monsters that have appeared in the story? 

Here is the review.

1. Centikohai


The first centipede monster to appear in the One-Punch Man series, Centikohai. 

Together with the monster Venus Peopletrap, Centikohai attempts to kidnap the sponsors' children who are in the hero association. 

However, before the centipede monster can complete its mission, one of the S-class heroes, Metal Bat, manages to defeat the Venus Peopletrap, and also splits Centikohai.

What's interesting is that with the remnants of his last breath, Centikohai still had time to explain about his past to Metal Bat. 

According to him, Centikohai was once an ordinary centipede or centipede, but for some reason its body later changed to an unusual size, which he believed to be the top of the food chain. 

However, Centikohai himself then realized that there was another centipede monster that was far more powerful and terrifying.

2. Centisenpai


Centisenpai made his dramatic debut when Centikohai was dying and said his name. 

Unlike his juniors, Centisenpai is much stronger and terrifying, because there is armor or armor all over his body. 

Not to mention, what's scary is that we see a human face that appears above the mouth.

Even though Centisenpai's strength is above Centikohai, his strength level is still not commensurate with the strength level of Metal Bat. 

The monster is also the butt of Metal Bat. 

What's amazing is that in the fight against Centisenpai, Metal Bat also managed to defeat another monster Lafreshidon.

3. Centichoro


Centichoro is a stronger version of the two centipede monsters above. 

The threat level of Centichoro is known to be a Dragon aka Disaster Level Dragon. 

Centichoro first appeared after the death of Centisenpai.

At that time, Centichoro was also shown fighting Metal Bat.

However, the strength level of Centichoro is much stronger than Metal Bat which in the end Metal Bat can be defeated easily. 

Centichoro once again appeared in the Monster Association arc, where Bang, Bomb, and Genos fought together to face this centipede monster. 

However, the fact is that all of them are still not enough to defeat the monsters. 

Finally, Centichoro himself was defeated by Saitama's serious blow.

4. Centisennin


Centisennin is a centipede monster that was just introduced in One-Punch Man in the Monster Association arc, which is still running today. 

This monster appears after Garou defeats the Platinum Sperm. 

Centisennin himself claims to be a monster sent by God, to punish those who reject his existence.

The size and strength of the Centisennin can be said to be the largest and strongest compared to other centipede monsters. 

In fact, the disaster level of the monster is above the dragon level. 

Centisennin himself was finally defeated by a combination of Garou and Metal Bat. 

Garou himself in the end managed to steal the heart and also the Centisennin's internal organs that allowed him to regenerate. 

And finally, Garou also split the body of the Centisennin.

With various types of this centipede monster provides evidence that these monsters have an important role in the story. 

On the other hand, there may be a reason why ONE often presents centipede-shaped monsters. 

Will there be another version of the Centipede Monster? 

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