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10 Most Deadly Weapons in Anime!

10 Most Deadly Weapons in Anime!

While there are tons of epic and interesting and powerful weapons that the characters in the story can use, not all weapons are created equal. 

We have certainly seen how a weapon is chosen because of its size, destructive power, and also the awesomeness of its power by the characters in the series, especially the main protagonists.

With so many shonen genre series out there, it's hard to pinpoint which weapon is far superior to the others because, as noted above, each one is made differently. 

Here are the most powerful weapons in the anime series.

1. ODM Gear – Attack On Titan

ODM Gear – Attack On Titan

ODM Gear or Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, is a weapon used by the Survey Corps troops on the island of Paradis. 

They developed and created these tools to help deal with the horrific attacks of the Titans. 

Even so, to be able to control the ODM Gear properly requires a lot of practice. 

Experience is also important to be able to master this tool.

Several characters from the Survey Corps are known to be very skilled at using this tool, for example Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, and Miche Zacharius. 

Levi is even considered the most skilled and the best among the three, with advantages in terms of speed and swordsmanship that cannot be matched by people.

2. Caster Gun – Outlaw Star

Caster Gun – Outlaw Star

Most geeks will probably be unfamiliar with the Outlaw Star series, especially fans in the UK and America. 

This anime series is considered to present too much sexual content, so many of the episodes in the series have to be edited. 

However, the series itself is themed about science fiction in the form of a group of extraterrestrial pirates.

Gene Starwind, the protagonist of the series, is shown wielding a weapon called the Caster Gun. 

Although it looks ordinary, this weapon is actually very dangerous and rare. 

Caster Gun doesn't fire ordinary bullets, but magic bullets that can wreak havoc on any target. 

That's why, when Gene uses this weapon, it means that there is an epic moment happening in the series.

3. The Punisher – Trigun

The Punisher – Trigun

It seems natural then that The Punisher is the name of a very intimidating weapon in the Trigun series. 

This weapon is one of the most brutal and terrible weapons, where with its very heavy and large size, The Punisher is a terrible weapon.

The Punisher itself is used by the main character in the Trigun series, Nicholas D. Wolfwood. 

The Punisher itself is a machine gun in the rear, with the front being a rocket launcher. 

This weapon is also capable of storing eight highly destructive weapons. 

You could say in terms of shape, it is similar to the El Mariachi weapon in the Once Upon A Time In Mexico or Desperado movie.

4. 13mm Jackal – Hellsing

13mm Jackal – Hellsing

Those of you who have watched the series can certainly know that Hellsing is one of the anime series that you can rely on if you are looking for epic and suspenseful actions. 

With a series that is full of violence, weapons become something that is commonplace to appear or be used in the series. One of the weapons used is The Jackal.

The Jackal is actually a pistol or handgun in general, but this weapon is shown to have succeeded in defeating various terrible enemies in the series. 

For example, Alucard managed to defeat Alexander Anderson thanks to this weapon, because by using another weapon Anderson will be able to recover thanks to his regeneration ability. 

The effect of this weapon is capable of destroying any part of Anderson's body.

5. Zangetsu – Bleach

Zangetsu – Bleach

Bleach is one of the most popular anime series of all time. 

One of the interesting elements of the series is how we see the Soul Reapers wielding their unique swords known as Zanpakuto. 

Although a Zanpakuto looks like an ordinary sword, those of a higher rank usually have more abilities.

For example the figure of Ichigo Kurosaki, and his Zanpakuto sword, Zangetsu. 

Zangetsu is slightly different from the Zanpakuto that other Soul Reapers use. Zangetsu is made using the power of Hollows and Soul Reapers, making Zangetsu different from other Zanpakuto. 

Zangetsu is known to have extraordinary destructive power, where even a little power from Zangetsu will be able to destroy the enemy.

6. Murasame – Akame Ga Kill!

Murasame – Akame Ga Kill!

With so many shonen genre series, let alone those filled with action, it's no wonder that many series may be overlooked or underrated among fans. 

One of them is Akame ga Kill. 

Besides being interesting to watch, this series also presents an extraordinary sword, namely Murasame. 

With a curvy shape and black color, Murasame undoubtedly stole the attention of the fans.

Even so, the destructive power of Murasame is also extraordinary despite the beauty of its form. 

This sword is capable of poisoning its victims, and once the victim receives or is exposed to the poison, the victim must be amputated immediately. 

Or the biggest risk is death. 

In addition, if the user can withstand all the effects of the poison that appears, then the user will experience an increase in strength and speed.

7. Dominator – Psycho Pass

Dominator – Psycho Pass

While all the weapons on this list have one thing in common, which is to kill their victims in an instant, it's different with the Dominator, which can give its users three choices. 

Used by the Public Safety Bureau, the Dominator is a multifunctional weapon for various scenarios that occur in the world.

Dominator will change to three modes; Non Lethal Paralyzer, Lethal Eliminator, Destroy Decomposer. 

It all depends on the targets faced by the officers. 

The first option, maybe not too dangerous. 

However, it is different with the other two options. 

For example, the Lethal Eliminator will be able to kill as well as destroy the target's body.

8. Dragon Slayer – Berserk

Dragon Slayer – Berserk

Regarded as the most violent shonen series, the most action-packed, and also a popular classic, Berserk does have its own way of presenting brutal moments from its characters in a fight. 

The main protagonist in the series, Guts, is a dangerous figure who has a very powerful weapon.

His own name is Dragon Slayer. Created by a legendary blacksmith named Godot, Dragon Slayer is a large weapon that many people might think that it will be difficult to use. 

However, Guts proved that he could wield the sword and destroy various enemies with ease.

9. Sword of Rupture EA – Fate Stay/Night

Sword of Rupture EA – Fate Stay/Night

There are quite a number of epic swords appearing in the Fate Stay/Night series. 

However, what caught my attention was the Sword of Rupture, Ea. 

This sword is considered the most powerful sword among all the swords ever presented in the Fate series. This sword is considered very unique and also almost unstoppable.

Although the sword will be very effective in close combat, the most powerful attack produced by this weapon is Enuma Elish: The Star of Creation. 

This attack is not only capable of destroying all existing enemies, but also the entire world in the series.

10. Death Note – Death Note

Death Note – Death Note

Although the weapons that appear on this list – such as swords, pistols, or other weapons – are deadly weapons, there is nothing deadly about the Death Note. 

The death note book that appears in the Death Note series is the most powerful and powerful weapon. 

Indeed, the shape is only in the form of a notebook and not like a weapon in general.

But, as is well known, whoever's name is written in the book is certain to die. 

Not only that, the owner of the book can detail the sequence of events that ultimately kills the victim. 

This book, usually used by the god of death. 

However, in the story we see what if humans use the book. 

Light Yagami and Misa Amane are the two characters who own the book.

With various threats that exist, as well as strong enemies to face, the characters who appear in the Shonen genre anime series usually need weapons to increase their strength. 

And the various weapons above are proof of the awesomeness of the characters in the anime series.

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