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Naruto: Different Types of Sasuke's Chidori Jutsu!

Naruto: Different Types of Sasuke's Chidori Jutsu!

Chidori is a Jutsu or ninja technique created by Hatake Kakashi in which he adds natural chakra to the Rasengan. 

After successfully creating this technique, Chidori became the mainstay of Kakashi's stance. 

In the Chnin exam arc, Kakashi taught Sasuke the Chidori technique, and since then Chidori has become one of Sasuke's mainstays.

During his appearance in the Naruto series, Sasuke has spent a lot of time developing the Chidori technique. 

The result is Sasuke is able to create various forms or forms of Chidori. In fact, each form of Chidori has its advantages. 

Then, what are the various forms or types of Chidori that Sasuke has developed? Here is an example.

1. Chidori Katana

Naruto: Different Types of Sasuke's Chidori Jutsu!

The Chidori Katana is one of the techniques that Sasuke Uchiha developed after the time-skip in the Naruto series. 

Thanks to his training with Orochimaru, Sasuke was finally able to control the electric chakra as he wanted. 

One example is by channeling Chidori's power through his katana sword.

When Sasuke stabs or kills his victim, the electric current flowing in the sword will make the victim's muscles contract and paralyze their body. 

That way, it will be difficult for them to counterattack. 

Even strong and experienced shinobi will find it difficult to survive this technique. 

Sasuke once used this technique against Yamato, and Yamato fell easily.

2. Chidori Stream

Naruto: Different Types of Sasuke's Chidori Jutsu!

Chidori Stream is another Jutsu developed by Sasuke while he was training with Orochimaru. 

This is a clever and effective technique to fight and weaken all enemies in front of him. 

When used, Sasuke will issue a very strong electricity from his body and the range of the electricity can reach 5 meters.

Anyone who is within the range of the electricity will of course be directly affected by the attack. 

This is a technique that can be used to knock out several enemies at once. 

And also this technique can be used as a form of self-defense from enemy attacks. 

For a wider reach, Sasuke can use the ground medium to channel his power. 

It's a shame this technique rarely appears in the series.

3. Chidori Sharp Spear

Naruto: Different Types of Sasuke's Chidori Jutsu!

Chidori Sharp Spear is a technique developed by Sasuke himself to answer the weakness of the original Chidori technique, which is self-inflicted. 

Using his energy and high-level transformation abilities, Sasuke can manipulate the Chidori technique in the palm of his hand and turn it into a spear that can hit anyone at a considerable distance. 

When the Chidori spear hits its target, Sasuke can still change it into another form, which makes the power of destruction and pain increase.

4. Chidori Senbon

Naruto: Different Types of Sasuke's Chidori Jutsu!

Similar to the Chidori Sharp Spear, the Chidori Senbon technique sees Sasuke use a shape transformation applied to the Chidori technique, and transforms it into thousands of large needles that can be thrown against distant targets. 

With high speed, the needles will be difficult to avoid by his enemies.

When the needle-shaped Chidori hits the target, the effect is no less terrible than ordinary Chidori, where they can be instantly paralyzed. 

Coupled with his Sharingan, Sasuke can find out his enemy's vital points and then attack him with this technique. 

Although some fans think this is a basic jutsu, this type of Chidori is one of the strongest and is often used by Sasuke.

5. Susanoo: Chidori

Naruto: Different Types of Sasuke's Chidori Jutsu!

As the name implies, Susanoo Chidori is a much stronger version of the regular Chidori, where Sasuke will use Susanoo in perfect fashion to use his Chidori technique. 

By gathering chakra in Susanoo's left arm, Sasuke can bring out a very powerful version of the Chidori.

This technique was used during Sasuke's fight against Uzumaki Naruto, and was able to withstand Tailed Beast Ball attacks, which were also energized by Six Paths chakra. 

Even in this perfect Susanoo form, Sasuke can use the Chidori Senbon technique in a much larger size.

6. Kagutsuchi Chidori

Naruto: Different Types of Sasuke's Chidori Jutsu!

Uchiha Sasuke used this Chidori form in his final battle against Uzumaki Naruto in the valley of the end. 

To defeat Naruto, Sasuke added Kagutsuchi's fire release to the Chidori he created, which made the Chidori's power increase drastically. 

In addition to the power of Chidori electricity, Kagutsuchi Chidori also has the burning power of the Amaterasu technique.

When this Chidori form collided with Naruto's Six Paths Rasengan, the effect was truly terrifying. 

The statue in the valley was destroyed. 

In fact, the arms of the two characters were crushed. 

Kagutsuchi Chidori is the most powerful Chidori variant Sasuke has ever created to date.

Chidori is one of the iconic jutsu that appeared in the Naruto franchise, apart from the Rasengan. 

Although the technique was created by Kakashi, this technique is already inherent in Sasuke. 

The Chidori technique was created with the aim of destroying the enemy and killing the enemy's life. 

Sasuke himself managed to develop the Chidori technique, by producing various epic variants.

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