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One Piece: Shanks Has a New Crew! Who Are They?

One Piece: Shanks Has a New Crew! Who Are They?

For pirates, having a crew can help them become the best or the greatest in the ocean.

The crew will help to win the battle.

Not many pirates are able to survive in the ocean and become a strong figure without the presence of the crew or men.

Examples are Dracule Mihawk or Shanks.

Among the other ocean lords or Yonko, Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates were probably the least crewed pirate group.

This can be seen from the Whitebeard pirate group which has thousands of men, which are divided into dozens of divisions.

One Piece: Shanks Has a New Crew! Who Are They?

Then the Big Mom group which also has a crew of thousands, led by their children.

The most epic of course is the Beast pirate group led by Kaido, which is known to have an army of 30,000.

Shanks himself is known to only have a crew of tens.

And also Shanks' crew is still very mysterious.

Only a few of Shanks' crew are known by name, examples are Benn Beckman, Lucy Roo, and Yasopp.

One Piece: Shanks Has a New Crew! Who Are They?

However, recently in the SBS Volume 101 column, Oda Sensei finally revealed the names of the rest of Shanks' crew when a fan asked about this.

The names of Shanks' crew that have not been mentioned are Lime Juice, Bonk Punch, Monster, Building Snake, Hongou, and Howling Gab.

However, as mentioned in the previous article, there is also an interesting thing that was conveyed by Oda in this SBS.

According to Oda, Shanks' group is now a large pirate group.

In fact, the names mentioned above are the top brass of this Shanks pirate group.

That is, they certainly have subordinates or subordinates, the number of which is still not known with certainty.

However, with Oda saying that Shanks' pirate group is now a large group, it means that the number of his crew is quite large.

One Piece: Shanks Has a New Crew! Who Are They?

Why then did Shanks choose not to have many men?

It is possible that this was influenced by the former captain, Gol D. Roger.

As we know, some of today's powerful pirates – including the Yonko – were once a crew on a pirate ship.

Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido are part of the Rocks pirate group.

Shanks himself is part of the Roger pirate group, along with Buggy the clown.

Usually, the former crew will adapt or imitate systems from those they have seen or experienced before.

For example, the Beast pirate group is considered to imitate the hierarchical system that was previously used by the Rocks pirate group.

And Shanks himself imitated what was done by Roger, where it was known that Roger didn't have a lot of crew or men.

There are only tens of them.

However, it could be said that even though the crew was only tens, they could still be effective.

It was evident from Roger who finally made it to Laugh Tale and became the pirate king.

This of course would not have worked without the help of his crew.

It's certainly interesting to see what Oda Sensei is preparing for the Shanks pirate crew with an increasing number of crew members.

Maybe Oda will present something extraordinary, like a battle.

Let's just wait, Minna-san!

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