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Kanojo Okarishimasu Chapter 216: Mami-Chan Not Pregnant

Kanojo Okarishimasu Chapter 216: Mami-Chan Not Pregnant

Did we get pranked by Miyajima Reiji?

As you know from the latest chapter of Kanojo Okarishimasu, Mami tells the story of her past.

The story begins with Mami who is still a child.

By the time Mami was 4 years old, she was very much set in the harsh family life.

Even his favorite doll was taken and thrown away.

The beginning of Mami's past story is very tragic.

But happiness begins to grow when she meets a man named Tarou Urashima.

He went to a less elite place like Mami's school.

Tarou is a lot of fun and teaches Mami what freedom means.

The man even intended to become a successful person to be recognized by Mami's family.

Unfortunately Mami can't continue her love story with Tarou.

Mami who comes from a rich family is betrothed to a man from a rich family named Hakuba.

From here Mami does not accept, she wants to determine her life path to stay with Tarou.

Mami's father turned out to be doing something that was forced and he thought was right for political purposes.

But Tarou was threatened to break up with Mami.

Tarou seemed to have no strength and gave up on the situation.

Mami finally became an "obedient" child so that her parents were happy even though she was suffering.

Until we return to the present day, Miyajima Reiji doesn't talk about the baby in Mami's ultrasound or anything.

Mami is also still a virgin if you look at the plot of her past.

But Mami's past made fans know that the reason Mami wanted to ruin Kazuya and Mizuhara's relationship was because of her past trauma.

She became a "sick" person, where Mami would be happy if she could destroy other people's love relationships.

So Mami wants to get rid of Mizuhara from Kazuya's life not because she hasn't moved on, but because of her gloomy past.

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