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Boruto: Himawari Will Become a Jinchuriki?

Boruto: Himawari Will Become a Jinchuriki?

Fans of the Naruto franchise, of course, already know about the Bijuu or tailed beasts. 

Bijuu is a tailed beast that is the embodiment of Hagoromo's chakra, which is then split into these monsters. 

Shukaku, Kurama, and Isobu are some of the names of the tailed beasts. These tailed beasts usually live in the body of a person called a Jinchuuriki.

An example is Shukaku who once lived in Gaara's body. 

Or Naruto who was once the Jinchuuriki of Kurama. Someone will usually sacrifice themselves (or be forced to sacrifice themselves) to later become a vessel for the Bijuu. 

An example is what Minato did to Naruto, where Minato was forced to make Naruto a vessel for Kurama.

Based on what is presented in the story in the Naruto franchise, usually a Jinchuriki can pass on the Bijuu in him to the next generation. 

Boruto: Himawari Will Become a Jinchuriki?

This means that the Bijuu can be passed down from generation to generation. 

This also happened to the Uzumaki clan, which is known to have long been the Jinchuuriki of Kurama.

The Uzumaki clan is known for their ability in sealing techniques, and they are also known as a clan that has a very large amount of chakra in its body. 

Kurama itself is known to have been passed down from generation to generation, starting from Mito Uzumaki, Kushina Uzumaki, and finally Naruto Uzumaki. 

This raises the question whether Naruto's son will also become a Jinchuuriki like his father?

There is a possibility that it could happen. 

Not Boruto, but Himawari. 

Boruto: Himawari Will Become a Jinchuriki?

It is possible that this one Naruto daughter will become a Jinchuriki with great potential. 

Himawari is a cheerful and active little girl. 

Like Naruto, Himawari always tries to understand what other people are feeling.

This was also done by Naruto, when he tried to "know" Kurama further. 

At first, Kurama and Naruto didn't have any kind of connection. 

They are just Jinchuuriki and their Bijuu. 

However, over time, they also tried to understand and understand each other until finally Kurama was willing to sacrifice himself for Naruto.

Himawari also seems to be like that, as has been presented in the story. 

Himawari has been shown to have a close relationship with Shukaku, a one-tailed monster who was once the Bijuu of Gaara. 

Shukaku at first finds it difficult to accept Himawari's figure. 

However, when Shukaku spoke to Kurama - before he died - Shukaku finally understood why Kurama wanted so badly to protect Naruto's family.

Boruto: Himawari Will Become a Jinchuriki?

Although in the end Shukaki and Himawari had to separate, the moment between the two of them being very close gave a hint that Himawari had great potential to become a Jinchuuuriki. 

In addition to his kind and gentle nature and character, Himawari is also a descendant of Uzumaki which Himawari certainly has a very powerful chakra reserve.

This can be a capital for Hima to become a great Jinchuriki. 

But, on the other hand, there are also many considerations to being able to make Himawari a Jinchuuriki. 

The reason is, it is not easy to control and unite the body and feelings between Jinchuuriki and Bijuu, regardless of those who are already close to each other.

Regardless of all that, Himawari is definitely a potential Jinchuuriki like her father. 

It will be interesting to see if in the future we will see Himawari become a place for a Bijuu. 

And when that moment arises, will Shukaku be the one who will return to become Himawari's Bijuu?

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