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3 Things You Can be Grateful for Through a Problem

3 Things You Can be Grateful for Through a Problem

In life, trouble is inevitable. In simple terms, the problem itself is defined as a condition where expectations do not match reality. 

And the key to solving it lies in the response itself in reacting to it.

Indeed, it cannot be denied that when you are faced with problems, especially those that are quite complicated, it will really take your focus. 

But let's look at the problem for a while from a different point of view besides just being a burden. 

In the following, the author will discuss three reasons why you can be grateful for a problem. 

It doesn't just have to lead to a complaint, really.

1. The closer you get to the Creator.

The problem is that the portions are different, there are problems with large, medium, and small portions. 

While the problem is still resolved you may still breathe easily. 

But what if the problem is beyond your control to solve?

Realizing that you have limitations and at the same time are met with problems that cannot be solved by yourself, it is very good to be seen as an opportunity to build a closer relationship with the Creator. 

In that difficult situation you realize that you need His help and understand more about the essence of surrender.

2. Train and shape you to be a strong person.

Life is full of surprises with many uncertainties. 

It could be that when you are afflicted with various problems that come in a row, it is very natural for you to respond to it with complaints. 

But we also need to realize that the problem always comes in a package with a solution.

And when you are used to facing problems from small to big ones, even though indirectly, it is actually a means to continue to grow and shape you into a strong person. 

As time goes by, you will realize and find yourself that strong you can go through various kinds of things that drain your thoughts and feelings.

3. You learn sincerity from the problem.

When you encounter a problem, it can feel like a threat that disturbs the peace of your life. 

Not to mention if it wasn't for you who was the cause of the problems that arose. 

You may often encounter situations where your rights are taken away, treated unfairly, misunderstood, or maybe excluded.

These things must make you hurt, disappointed, and feel unacceptable. 

But even though you insist on defending yourself, over time, you slowly realize that it's better to let go and accept what has happened instead of intending to retaliate.

So those are three reasons why you can actually be grateful when faced with a problem. 

Problems do not always mean that you are experiencing adversity and suffering. Whatever problem you face, the main key will always depend on your response to it. What do you think

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