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Twitter Reset Account Verification System, Many Requirements and Complicated!


Twitter Reset Account Verification System, Many Requirements and Complicated!

Account verification systems are something that a number of social media platforms do.

Its use is clear to make it easier for users to distinguish which accounts are real and which are fake.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are social media platforms that use this system.

However, Twitter is known to have temporarily suspended the verification system in 2017.

Because at that time Twitter had verified the account of Jason Keller, a person who organized a white supremacist rally in the Virginia area, USA, which eventually caused a wave of protests from users.

So Twitter stopped the verification system to solve the confusion of the verification system on its platform.

After several years have passed, Twitter is now reportedly going to announce its newest account verification system in 2021.

Quoting from TechCrunch, the American company will begin the process of requesting feedback to the public about the new policy.

Later Twitter will verify six types of accounts, such as accounts of government officials, companies, brands, non-profit organizations, activists, and influencers.

However, the category is said to be able to increase in the future.

Furthermore, the company has now started distributing draft policies for accounts that want to be verified.

In that policy, Twitter has also tightened the requirements for accounts that want to get blue badges, again quoted from TechCrunch.

"This is an important first step in helping us provide more transparency and a fairer standard for verification on Twitter as we re-prioritize this work," said Twitter.

For example, an account that wants to get a Twitter license must be well-known and active.

For example, news organizations must adhere to professional standards for journalism.

Then government officials also need to show public references on the official website.

Not only that, other figures must be able to show their fame first outside of Twitter such as appearing on websites and others.

Apart from the quite complicated requirements, the company also does not hesitate to remove verification on accounts that are found to have repeatedly violated existing regulations.

Not without reason, Twitter is doing this because the company claims to have verified many accounts it shouldn't.

With the new regulations, it is hoped that the 'blue tick' accounts will continue to match the criteria desired by Twitter.

For the verification process, Twitter has started to distribute feedback to its users from 24 November to 8 December 2020.

This verification system will also be available in several languages ​​such as English, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

After a set date, the new Twitter will put a 'blue tick' logo on selected accounts from early 2021.

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