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One Piece 1080 Spoilers: Oda Gives Clues about Dragon's Power?

The leaked information for One Piece manga chapter 1080 seems to provide clues about the power of Monkey D. Dragon.

Dragon is one of the mysterious characters in which his appearance and information are eagerly anticipated by fans.

Oda Sensei himself has not provided much information about Dragon yet.

The latest information that Oda presented was about the origin of the Revolutionary Army created in Vegapunk's flashback in Ohara. One thing that makes fans curious is how strong Dragon really is, who is the number one wanted man by the World Government.

The leaked chapter 1080 may provide clues to Dragon's power where he has powerful Haki.

Inheritance of Haki

The theme of inheritance is one of the things that Oda Sensei presents in the One Piece story.

We have seen how Oda presents the legacy of determination from Joy Boy to Roger, which was then passed on to Luffy.

Although the inheritance of determination has been confirmed to be possible, what about the inheritance of power, in this case, Haki power?

This is one of the questions that arise among fans. They are curious whether Haki power can be inherited from one generation to another.

Unfortunately, until now, Oda Sensei has never provided information or discussed the theme of inheriting power in the One Piece storyline.

Nevertheless, fans themselves speculate that this is not impossible to do.

This refers to some evidence presented in the story.

An example is how Ace has powerful Haki, which was inherited from his father, Gol D. Roger, who is known to have incredible Haki power.

Another example is how Yamato has powerful Conqueror's Haki, which is likely the result of inherited power from his father, Kaido.

When Yamato fights with Kaido on the roof of Kaido's palace, we can see how black flashes appear around them, indicating that they are both using Conqueror's Haki.

Not only that, both of them are users of Advanced Conqueror Haki.

Although this could be just a coincidence, it could be evidence that Conqueror Haki can be inherited.

On the other hand, Donquixote Doflamingo is an example of someone who successfully obtained Haki powers without inheriting them from their parents.

This seems to prove that it is possible for Haki powers to be obtained without inheritance.

However, family relationships can increase the chances of inheritance.

Dragon's Power Clues

What about Monkey D. Luffy? Although it has not been confirmed that Luffy's parents have and inherited Haki powers, some clues seem to support this speculation or theory.

For example, so far Garp is known to be a strong and formidable figure in the use of Haki powers, especially Armament Haki.

With this power, he can even destroy mountains.

Although relying solely on Haki, Garp has proven to be able to compete with various formidable powers such as Roger or even Whitebeard.

The latest example is in chapter 1080 where it is revealed that Garp was able to destroy and ravage the Laugh Tale island area using only the Haki powers he possessed.

Then, in the Marineford war, Ivankov himself stated that Luffy is not much different from his father, Dragon.

With Ivankov who knows Dragon well, and saying that Luffy is similar to Dragon, it means that there is a possibility that Dragon also has formidable Haki powers.

As mentioned above, his power is still very mysterious.

However, if we then link it to the above theory or speculation, and add various clues that exist, it means that Haki powers can possibly be inherited.

And the interesting thing is if the theory is true, it means that Oda has given clues about the powers that Dragon might have.

We don't know if he is a devil fruit user or not, but it is likely that he is a user of formidable Haki powers.

He could have a Haki power level equivalent to Shanks or even stronger.

If Dragon's Haki power level is extremely powerful, then the power he possesses is likely also very formidable.

This is reflected in the figure of Shanks, as well as the Ryusoken or Dragon Claw technique taught by Dragon to Sabo.

With all the potential powers that Dragon possesses, it is reasonable that he becomes the number one target of the World Government.

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