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Mairimas hita! Iruma Kun Season 4 Spoiler

Mairimashita Iruma Kun anime is an adaptation of Osamu Nishi's manga. As of today, the anime has reached its third season and will end in March 2023. 

There has been no official announcement regarding the fourth season of the anime. 

However, judging by the ending of the third season, viewers will agree that the story is not yet complete. 

The abnormal class continues to evolve and strengthen their potential, implying that their journey is far from over.

With an interesting storyline and well-developed characters, the anime has gained popularity both in Japan and outside Japan.

 Many fans are eagerly waiting for the continuation of this anime. Looking at the original manga, as of March 2023, it has already reached chapter 290, while the ending of the third season was at chapter 150. 

This suggests that there is likely to be a fourth season, which is expected to be released a year after the end of season 3, based on the release schedule of the previous seasons.

In the third season, the anime features the tension of the harvest festival competition, culminating in the successful crowning of two young kings from the abnormal class. 

The next season is likely to focus on the excitement of the music festival, including the appearance of a new 13th student named Purson Soi, and their efforts to improve their ranking in the festival. 

The fourth season promises to be even more thrilling and enjoyable.

Since the royal one class is special, being placed in it also means being worthy. The pressure on the abnormal class students does not end with the music festival. 

Even after the festival, they will face other challenges to survive and become strong in the underworld. 

The teachers also do their best to teach their students, especially in the abnormal class. 

In the heartbreak games, the abnormal class seniors must protect their juniors from attacks by enemies and demons of the underworld who are attempting to rebel and take over the world.

As a result, Babyls School becomes increasingly busy, with stricter training, especially for the abnormal class. 

Get ready to witness the excitement of Opera-san teaching the abnormal class.

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