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7 Important Characters Who Die in Attack on Titan

In the Attack on Titan anime, character death has become commonplace even though it's an important character.

No character is safe in this series because someone always dies in every battle. In fact, in this anime, the main characters are also not covered with thick plot armor.

Like the seven characters below, even though they act as one of the main characters and have an important role for the series, these seven characters are still unavoidable from the brutality of the world of Attack on Titan. Want to know who the characters are?

1. Eren Yeager

As the writer has mentioned, no character is safe in Attack on Titan. Unlike in other shounen anime, the protagonist here is not covered in thick plot armor. The main protagonist can even die in this series.

The Attack on Titan series ends with the death of Eren Yeager. 

When he attempts to destroy the world with Rumbling, the Scouts and Marley's warriors band together to stop him. 

Until finally, he was killed by the person he loved the most, Mikasa Ackerman.

2.Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith is introduced as the Commander of the Scout Troop. He has an important role because Erwin leads every mission the Scouts carry out. 

Starting from the fight against the Female Titan to the mission in Shiganshina, everything is under Erwin's responsibility.

Unfortunately, Erwin had to die in the Scout Troop's battle against the Beast Titan. In this fight, Erwin had to lead a suicide attack just to distract the Beast Titan. 

Meanwhile, Levi secretly approached the Beast Titan while he was preoccupied with Erwin's attack.

3. Hange Zoe

After Erwin's death, the task of Commander of the Scouts was given to Hange Zoe. 

In a way, Hange led the Scouts at a difficult time. At that time, the Scouts had to carry out many difficult missions, such as helping Eren in the attack on Liberio, fighting the Yeagerists, and stopping Rumbling.

Unfortunately, Hange couldn't see how his troops would stop Eren's genocide. 

As the Wall Titans drew closer, Hange had to hold them off to allow his troops to escape. 

Hange finally died due to burning hot steam released from the Wall Titan's body.

4. Sasha Braus

The presence of Sasha Braus manages to provide a bit of light in the dark world of Attack on Titan. 

She is known as the Potato Girl because she was once caught stealing potatoes while practicing. 

Her death at the start of the final season of Attack on Titan became the most unexpected moment in the series.

When the Scouts fled Liberio, Gabi Braun unwittingly managed to infiltrate their ship. With his rifle, Gabi fired a shot which accidentally hit Sasha. 

Sasha's death dealt a hard blow to his friends in the Scouts, including Eren.

5. Bertholdt Hoover

Just like Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover is also Marley's soldier sent to Paradis to steal the Founding Titan. 

He and Reiner were so close to Eren that the revelation of his betrayal became the most painful betrayal in anime history.

When Erwin is overwhelmed by the Beast Titan, Bertholdt must battle Eren and Armin. 

Bertholdt was defeated by Armin which made him lose his hot steam. Then, Eren took out Bertholdt's body from behind. In a helpless state, Bertholdt died after being eaten by Armin who turned into a pure Titan.

6.Kenny Ackermann

Despite being introduced as an enemy of the Scouts, Kenny Ackerman has an important role for Levi. 

He is Levi's uncle and the person who raised Levi and taught him how to survive.

After Levi grew up, Kenny became Levi's enemy. Kenny works for the Reiss family, while Levi must save Eren who was kidnapped by Rod Reiss. 

In their fight, Kenny finally dies after being burned by the Titan Rod's hot steam.

7. Hannes

Captain of the Garrison, Hannes is a close friend of Grisha and Carla Yeager. He was good friends with Grisha and Carla even before they got married. 

When the Titans attacked Shiganshina, Hannes was the one who saved Eren and Mikasa.

After Reiner and Bertholdt's revelations, Hannes encounters the Smiling Titan, the Titan who ate Eren's mother. To get revenge for Carla's death, Hannes immediately tried to kill the Titan. 

Unfortunately, Hannes ends up being eaten by the Titan.

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