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Hidden by Kawaki, What will be the fate of Naruto and Hinata?

Hidden by Kawaki, What will be the fate of Naruto and Hinata?

A shocking moment occurred in the latest chapter of manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations where Naruto and Hinata were hidden by Kawaki. 

He hid both of them in a special dimension for the sake of carrying out his personal mission. 

However, what will happen to Naruto and Hinata? Will they both survive or will they experience bad luck?

Kawaki has become a figure that has been highlighted a lot in the last few chapters, moreover Shikamaru presents a mission that also involves Kawaki in it. 

The mission is to live with Eida and Daemon as well as find as much information as possible about the two siblings. 

However, in the middle of the mission something extraordinary happened where Kawaki kidnapped Hinata and Naruto.

Kawaki's motivation hides Naruto and Hinata

Hidden by Kawaki, What will be the fate of Naruto and Hinata?
In chapter 77 yesterday, Kawaki was shown kidnapping Naruto and Hinata. 

Even though it wasn't explained clearly, Kawaki said that he wanted to protect the people who had made him change. 

Previously, in that chapter it was shown how Kawaki again felt the presence of Momoshiki Otsutsuki in Boruto.

At that time, Momoshiki was shown to appear accidentally in Boruto's mind. 

As explained in the previous chapter, Boruto and Momoshiki's minds finally merged after Momoshiki used the remnants of the Otsusukification process to revive Boruto. 

Even though Momoshiki himself didn't want it, that's a fact.

In this most recent chapter, Kawaki seems to be trying to lure Momoshiki out but failed. 

Realizing that the Otsutsuki threat still exists, Kawaki then returns home while eliminating the identity chakra he has.

Kawaki also talks about the Otsutsuki threats that are still real, and he decides not to stop until all these threats are gone.

This includes taking the life of his own brother, Boruto Uzumaki, who is the vessel for Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

According to him, he failed to finish off Boruto and Momoshiki when Boruto managed to come back alive. 

And this time, he would not repeat his mistake. 

Hearing this, Naruto and Hinata tried to resuscitate Kawaki, which turned out to be useless.

Kawaki then decides to hide Hinata and Naruto in a safe place, in a hidden dimension. 

According to Kawaki's decision, he will hide Naruto and Hinata until there is no more threat from the Otsutsuki. 

After that, he didn't care if Hinata and Naruto would end his life.

The fate of Naruto and Hinata

Hidden by Kawaki, What will be the fate of Naruto and Hinata?

The big question is then what will be the fate of Naruto and Hinata? 

Seeing Kawaki's love and concern for the two of them, it is very likely that Naruto and Hinata will survive. 

Kawaki wouldn't dare do anything evil or horrible to the two people he considers meritorious and meaningful in his life. 

However, what will happen next?

There are two scenarios or two things that might happen next to Naruto and Hinata while in another dimension. 

The first is that they will save themselves or be saved by others. 

In this first scenario, Naruto might ask for help from other parties such as Gamakichi, then go to Mount Myoboku and then return to Konoha.

Then, it could be someone else who saves Naruto. Some possibilities are Sasuke or Kashin Koji, whose fate is currently still a mystery. 

Even though the chance of it happening is small, fans have long wanted to see the moment Naruto and Kashin Koji met because it reminded them of the moment Naruto and Jiraiya met.

After all, fans were curious about Naruto's reaction when they saw a figure that looked like Jiraiya - and also knew that it was a clone of his former mentor. 

Then, the second scenario is that Naruto and Hinata might be trapped for a very long time in that dimension. 

We still don't know where Kawaki is hiding these two.

Even so, the fans believe that the dimension where Kawaki hid Hinata and Naruto is a dimension where time doesn't work the same as the real world. 

This is because Kawaki doesn't use Karma Isshiki, but instead uses Doujutsu. 

This means that Naruto and Hinata really couldn't do anything or couldn't do much until then Kawaki took them out of there.

It could also be that they are trapped in one of Isshiki's other dimensions. 

They will be stuck for a very long time, because everyone can't access that dimension and also they don't know where Naruto and Hinata are.

So the beginning of the destruction of the shinobi world

How Naruto and Hinata were trapped for a long time in one of Isshiki Otsutsuki's dimensions, could this be the initial reason for the destruction of the shinobi world and also Konoha. 

As you know, at the beginning of Boruto's story it was shown that Kawaki said that the shinobi world had been destroyed on the ruins of Konoha village. 

In chapter 77 yesterday, Kawaki made the same reference.

In his conversations with Naruto and Hinata, he believes that the shinobi world is no longer reliable. 

According to him, the shinobi are the ones who will die first when a big threat comes. 

An example is the threat from the Otsutsuki. 

Seeing these two clues then became the basis that what will happen in the future has started to happen in chapter 77 yesterday.

On the other hand, this moment of kidnapping Hinata and Naruto is also what Kawaki might mean when talking to Boruto. 

In that future moment, it is shown that Kawaki wants to send Boruto to where Naruto is. 

This clearly raises many meanings alias multiple interpretations. 

Many fans think that means Kawaki will kill Boruto.

There are also those who think that Kawaki will send Boruto to a place where Naruto is. 

Seeing what happened in chapter 77, it's possible that Kawaki will carry out the last theory or speculation, namely sending Boruto to where Naruto and Hinata are, namely Isshiki's special dimension. 

Let's just wait, geeks, what will happen next to Kawaki, Boruto, Naruto, and Hinata in the next chapter.

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