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Spoilers Reddit One Piece 1068: Luffy vs World Government's Battle Has Finally Started Due to Help For Dr Vegapunk

Reddit has released an official One Piece 1068 spoiler titled "A Genius' Dream".

On the cover page of One Piece 1068, Caesar and Judge are shown fighting.

A flashback is also shown when the two of them were still in MADS on the cover page of One Piece 1068.

Manga One Piece 1068 begins by showing Rob Lucci asking Pythagoras about the incident where several CP0 agents suddenly disappeared around Egghead Island.

Pythagoras said that he was not involved in the incident and asked the CP0 to leave.

Without going into detail, Lucci then ordered Seraphim Kuma who was with him to teleport him and the other CP0 agents to Egghead Island.

Meanwhile in the Kamabakka Kingdom, the real Kuma also suddenly uses his devil fruit ability to teleport himself to an unknown place.

Back on Egghead Island, Dr. Vegapunk then reveals his true dream to Luffy.
He said that his dream is to provide free energy for all human beings in the world.

So that the war will not happen because everyone gets a free energy source.

But in his research to find the energy source, he suddenly found a clue about a mysterious ancient energy source.

This is what makes the World Government now want to kill Dr. Vegapunk.

That's the reason why Dr. Vegapunk asked Luffy to take him away.

Luffy then agreed to the scientist's request and he promised to help him.

Dr. Vegapunk looked very happy and he immediately rushed to prepare the things he needed to bring.

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He asked Luffy and company to wait on the top floor of the laboratory.

Continue to where the CP0 agents have arrived on Egghead Island.

In response to their arrival, Shaka orders Seraphim Jinbei, Mihawk, and Hancock to face them.

In this moment, CP0 agents are also shown inspecting the entire Egghead Island.

But suddenly one of Dr Vegapunk's clones, Atlas appeared and attacked Rob Lucci.

Shaka previously forbade Atlas to go, but he is still determined to face the CP0 agents alone.

As a result, Atlas was defeated by Rob Lucci and his body was badly injured.

Atlas's face is shown destroyed by Rob Lucci's Roku Ou Gan technique.

Then at the end of the chapter Lucci finally meets Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat crew.

The two of them were shown greeting each other at the end of One Piece chapter 1068.

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