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One Piece 1065: Vegapunk will Activate All Pacifista

The final part of the One Piece manga 1064 shows Vegapunk Shaka saying something to Monkey D Dragon that his death will soon come to him.

Who would have thought, the most genius scientist in One Piece owned by the World Government has a close relationship with the leader of the Revolutionary Army Monkey D Dragon.

Because it seems impossible for Vegapunk Shaka to contact Dragon and tell him he will die soon if they don't have a very close relationship in the world of One Piece.

But the problem is if their relationship is that close, we haven't seen any Revolutionary Army using Vegapunk's combat technology.

Even Vegapunk's contribution to the Revolutionary Army hasn't been seen in the slightest.

In fact, one of the top officials of the Revolutionary Army, Kuma, was made a half-robot.

Vegapunk once tried to create a device to control the weather, but due to lack of funds the project was abandoned.

From this story, Vegapunk is actually a person who cares about the people in his homeland that he is hard to move to do something.

Can he really watch the people of the One Piece world who are constantly being bullied but he doesn't do anything.

Therefore, it is only natural that Vegapunk has been collaborating with Monkey D Dragon, who is the leader of the opposition party of the One Piece World Government.

But to cover up their closeness someone needed someone as a sacrifice, so Kuma was chosen.

It seems Dragon deliberately sacrificed Kuma so that his connection would not be smelled by the World Government.

Maybe Kuma himself agreed with the plan, because both Sabo and Bonney had said that Kuma was actually a very kind person.

That's why Dragon is not angry at all with Vegapunk who makes his trusted people turn into robots.

Looks like Dragon knows, Vegapunk will be able to restore Kuma's consciousness one day.

Then how can Dragon and Vegapunk carry out a massive revolution if all of Vegapunk's creations have been confiscated and used by the World Government?

The Pacifista and all its derivative weapons were created by Vegapunk, so surely Vegapunk can hack everything he creates.

The question is whether the six Vegapunks share the same memory and knowledge or not?

It is possible that they only have memory and knowledge of the projects carried out by their respective commissions.

If that's the case, which of the six Vegapunks is working on the Pacifista project? It looks like the Pacifista project is being worked on by Vegapunk Shaka.

Because as far as Bonney knows, Vegapunk who made Kuma a laboratory rat was not a woman.

So that only Vegapunk Shaka can hack the operating system of the Pacifistas and their derivatives.

If that's the story, then it could be dangerous. The one who could have Vegapunk's end was near was Shaka.

So the worst possibility that Vegapunk will die in the near future is Vegapunk Shaka.

Because only he can hack Pacifista, Vegapunk Shaka needs to immediately activate a counterattack before any World Government agents come to finish him off.

His goal was to tell Dragon he wanted to tell him to use the moment to carry out a massive attack to overthrow the power of the World Government.

So basically in the near future Vegapunk will activate a project to hack all Pacifistas, so that all of them counterattack against the Navy and the World Government.

Because now all the Pacifistas have spread to all the sub-branches of the Navy around the world, a big mess will happen.

Vegapunk who told Dragon about his plan intended to have the leader of the Revolution use the chaos to attack.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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