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One Piece: Bartholomew Kuma's Past Relationship with Bonney

In the One Piece series, Bartholomew Kuma is one of the One characters who is considered mysterious, where Kuma has played an important role for the Mugiwara crew.

Many One Piece fans are still curious about Kuma's figure because he has a relationship with Dragon and important characters in One Piece.

Not only that, Kuma was in the spotlight because he volunteered himself to be used as an experiment by Vegapunk in order to make a Navy war weapon, the Pacifista.

Kuma is again presented at the Reverie meeting in Mariejoa, where Kuma is shown to be a slave to one of the Tenryuubito who is a descendant of God.

That way some One Piece fans are curious about Kuma's past, here is the past of Bartholomew Kuma.
Knowing Kuma's past will reveal Kuma's relationship with Jewelry Bonney.

Where during the Levely meeting, Bonney looked very eager to save Kuma who was enslaved by the Tenryuubito.

In the past, it turned out that you were once a King in a Sorbet kingdom.

When he became King, Kuma was affiliated with the Revolutionary Army. That way his relationship with Dragon was well established.

One scene in the One Piece anime once showed Kuma training with the Revolutionary Army and also Sabo.

With Kuma being the former King of the Sorbet kingdom, so is his relationship with Jewerly Bonney revealed.

Where Bonney also comes from the Sorbet kingdom as he admitted during the Sabaody arc.

It is thought that Bonney is indebted to Kuma so he desperately wanted to save Kuma while at Mariejoa.

Former Shichibukai

Kuma is also known as a Pirate who is considered strong because of the strength he has, so you are also appointed as a Shichibukai.

Although in the end, Kuma stopped being a Shichibukai and allowed himself to become the object of Vegapunk's research.

As with the robot warrior named Pacifista who has a form like Kuman who also has the same power as Kuma.

Those are some facts about Kuma, after the last time the former Shichibukai appeared in the One Piece story, it was when he separated Luffy from all his nakama in the Sabaody arc.

Kuma reappeared when he became a slave to one of the Tenryuubito. The scene of Kuma being enslaved was seen by Sabo, because they had trained together in the Revolutionary Army, Sabo also tried to save Kuma. Although in the end Sabo was considered rebellious and accused of killing King Cobra.

Those are the facts regarding Bartholomew Kuma's relationship with Jewerly Bonney.

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