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Boruto: What's Code's Plan?

Boruto: What's Code's Plan?

A big threat must now be ready for Kawaki and Boruto to face after Code managed to remove the limiter. 

As we know, in the previous chapter in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation series, Code and Eida finally managed to kidnap Amado. 

They managed to escape thanks to the help of Code's Claw Marks, and of course Eida's mysterious power that made Delta unable to fight him.

After successfully taking Amado away, Code then threatened to take his life if he didn't immediately release the limiter. 

Not having many choices, finally made Amado decide to release the limiter in Code. 

With the release of the limiter, Code's strength will return to normal.

And his appearance changed, with white dominating his body. 

In yesterday's chapter 71, we saw how the deal between Code and Eida finally broke. 

This happened after Eida prevented Code from killing Amado. 

And also on the other hand, Amado has made an agreement with Eida which finally Amado managed to survive the threat of Code.

Code himself then vows to take revenge against Konoha and intends to destroy it. 

However, there is speculation that Eida might help Konoha defeat Code. 

So, what will Code do next with that power? 

Will he still destroy Konoha or does he have other plans?

Guessing the Next Code Plan

Boruto: What's Code's Plan?
For now, we still don't know for sure what will become Code's next big plan. 

However, there are several possibilities that will happen to the figure of Code in the future. 

The first possibility is that Code will attack Konoha blindly. 

Code's annoyance towards Konoha and Kawaki is already very unstoppable.

Code certainly will not hesitate to do anything to take revenge and destroy the village. 

In this first possibility there was a scenario where Code would attack Konoha without a second thought. 

With his newfound power, Konoha will probably incur huge damage. 

There will also be casualties who fall in the attack.

However, in this event Code may be killed. He would probably be killed by Kawaki or Boruto. 

After Code's death, the series will timeskip. And after the timeskip happens we will face another threat from the Otsutsuki clan. 

It could be that there will be another new Otsutsuki figure that will appear in the story. 

In this scenario, maybe we will also see the return of Momoshiki.

The second possibility is that for now Code will decide to wait. 

He realized that Konoha was no small force. 

In addition, Code is aware that Konoha has Amado, Eida, and Daemon. 

He couldn't just come and attack the village. 

Because, the risk can be very fatal where he will die from a backlash.

Realizing that, Code will decide to wait until the right time comes.

Until the right time appeared, he would probably decide to gather strength. 

Currently, Code already has a Bug that can give it information about all things Eida and Daemon. 

Code only needs to find other allies to help him attack Konoha. 

The attack on Konoha by Code in this second possibility could take quite a while. 

He will probably attack the village after the timeskip occurs.


Boruto: What's Code's Plan?
After Eida and Daemon betrayed the agreement they made, Code inevitably had to make or think of other plans to attack Konoha. 

And there are two possibilities that could happen in the Code attack plan to the village of Konoha. 

It will be interesting to see what he will do next to fulfill Isshiki's mission and at the same time avenge everything that happened to him. 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

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