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Prepare the Final Saga, One Piece One Month Off!

The current One Piece series has just finished one of their longest stories, the battle of Onigashima. 

The battle is part of the Wano Country arc which is still ongoing today. 

The arc is currently still running in the third act. And with the end of the epic battle, it means that the Wano arc is likely to end soon and prepare for a new arc. 

Indeed, there is still no confirmation whether there will be another round or stop in the third round.

Even so, the fans themselves are optimistic that this third act will be the last chapter of the Wano Country arc. 

Oda Sensei is also currently preparing to present the last Saga in the series, which will certainly be the most powerful ending story. 

And to prepare for it all, Oda Sensei decided to go on vacation for a month. 

This news appeared on the official One Piece Twitter account yesterday.

One Piece Off For One Month


In an upload, Oda presented a message for fans containing several announcements. 

First, Oda said that he would go on vacation for a month from June 27 to July 25. 

This means that for approximately four weeks the One Piece series will pause, except for the anime series.

In the message, Oda reasoned that he did this vacation on purpose to prepare for the final Saga. And Oda also said that he had wanted to visit South Africa to see the One Piece live-action production process. 

However, due to the global pandemic, the plan was eventually cancelled. However, there is no information whether Oda is again planning to go there.

The second announcement is regarding the One Piece festival which will be broadcast live on their official YouTube channel today. 

The broadcast itself will start at 19.00 Japanese time, which means the program will start at 17.00 WIB. 

In this festival, there are various things that appear, from the announcement of the official poster to the moment where fans will see the voices of Gordon and Uta.

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