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One Piece 1054 Spoilers Reddit: Who is the Most Powerful Admiral?

One Piece 1054 Spoilers Reddit: Who is the Most Powerful Admiral?

The navy is a great power in the world of One Piece, which we later know as the military face of the World Government. 

As soldiers of the ocean, it is their duty to protect innocent people and civilians from any attack, such as from pirates. 

The power they have is also not playing games to be able to maintain the peace.

With their great strength, the navy has even become one of the major forces in the series besides the Yonko and also the World Government. 

Of all the navies, the admirals were renowned as the strongest. 

And what has always been a tradition is that there will be three people who fill the admiral position. 

However, there is no information why the number alone should be three people.

Talking about strength issues, admirals are famous for having very powerful devil fruit powers and Haki abilities. 

One Piece 1054 Spoilers Reddit: Who is the Most Powerful Admiral?

We can see this on several occasions, such as when Kizaru killed off the entire Worst Generation in Sabaody. 

Or when the peak war occurs. After the time-skip, the position of the admiral underwent a change where Sakazuki was appointed to the Fleet Admiral.

Meanwhile, Aokiji alias Kuzan decided to leave the navy and join Blackbeard's group. 

Two new admirals then appeared and became the choice of the World Government. 

They were none other than Fujitora as well as Green Bull. 

Broadly speaking, the strength of the admirals is certainly very strong. 

However, if the three then fight, who do you think is the strongest?

Who is the Strongest?

One Piece 1054 Spoilers Reddit: Who is the Most Powerful Admiral?

In the story, Oda Sensei always shows that every admiral so far has the power of a Logia type devil fruit. 

An example is Kizaru. Previously, Aokiji and Akainu were also Logia devil fruit users. 

However, in this newest admiral formation there is a change where Fujitora's Zushi Zushi no Mi is a Paramecia type. 

Meanwhile, the Green Bull devil fruit is still a mystery.

Even so, based on the power he displayed in chapter 1053 yesterday, it seems that the Devil Fruit from Green Bull is also a Logia type. 

Logia is the rarest type of devil fruit, which gives the user the ability to change their body composition to a natural element. 

In addition, they will be able to create and control these elements.

In chapter 1053 itself, we saw how Green Bull has a devil fruit that allows his body to change and create plants. 

And what's amazing is that the reason why later he was able to live even without eating and drinking for three years, was because he could steal nutrients or fluids from other people or objects. 

It is one of the epic powers in the Green Bull devil fruit.

There may be debate about this, but flowers can also be considered an “element of nature”. 

However, as in the previous point, it is possible that the power of the Green Bull devil fruit is more related to nature or plants and not just flowers. 

This of course makes the Green Bull's power appear more terrifying and far more real than the other admirals' powers such as controlling ice, magma, and also the power of other elements.


One Piece 1054 Spoilers Reddit: Who is the Most Powerful Admiral?

With the power of his devil fruit, Green Bull is able to control the environment around him. 

And not only that, what was equally terrifying was how he was able to absorb fluids or nutrients from objects as well as other people. 

This of course cannot be done by other admirals, because the power they have is only to manipulate or control and change.

Even so, what needs to be noted is that in general the strength of the admirals is still very powerful. 

They are the strongest figures in the navy, which means they are not random figures. 

However, out of the three of them, Green Bull seems to be the strongest because of his devil fruit power that is able to blend with nature.

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