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One Piece 1050 Full Review: Disappeared, Denjiro's Whereabouts Finally Revealed

One Piece 1050 Full Review: Disappeared, Denjiro's Whereabouts Finally Revealed

Kaido's defeat by captain Luffy in One Piece 1050 is a victory that has been waiting for 20 years.

At the beginning of the One Piece 1050 scene, this continues what happened in One Piece 1049 where Kaido fell down until he turned back into his human form.

Kaido entered the bottom of the earth which was filled with abundant magma.

Not only Kaido, at the bottom of the earth there are also two holes where Big Mom fell.

On the other hand, there is Yamato running fast to save his captain, Luffy.

Luffy fell and was unconscious, therefore Yamato kept trying to save Luffy.

Yamato also managed to catch Luffy before his body touched the ground and luckily, the Captain was not seriously injured.

The next scene moves to the Flower Capital. There you can see the fireball festival which is about to end.

The scene also describes a flashback of O-Toko asking for a wishing lantern that has been built for 20 years.
He thanked his father for having done so much in building the lantern of hope.

Then the next scene shows Nekomamushi on the rooftop of Onigashima.

There he was looking at the lanterns flying over the Flower Capital and he said that they held many memories.

From the rooftop of Onighasima he told everyone that Luffy managed to beat Kaido with his bare hands.

In addition he also said that Onigashima was safe thanks to the great dragon, Momonosuke.

Not long after, there was a shock in Wano Kuni Country.

Then came a volcanic eruption and produced a huge explosion.

But at the same time the narrator says that the winner of the battle is Luffy.

Next, the scene shifts to the atmosphere of the Capital City, which is colored by panic due to the eruption and the great shaking.

In the midst of panic, Momonosuke appeared and he told everyone not to panic.

Then he landed and returned to his human form.

But people couldn't see Momonosuke because there was a thick plume of smoke.

It wasn't long before Hiyori appeared which took everyone by surprise.

Furthermore, there was something that surprised everyone even more, namely the appearance of Denjiro.

As it is known that in the previous chapter Denjiro suddenly disappeared for no reason.

His appearance also brings up many big questions, related to what happened when he disappeared.

So what exactly happened to Denjiro? The question will likely be answered in the next One Piece chapter.

That's the full review of One Piece 1050. To read the One Piece manga, you can get it for free through Manga Plus.

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