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Surprise in One Piece 1047: Trafalgar Law Betrays the Straw Hats?!

Surprise in One Piece 1047: Trafalgar Law Betrays the Straw Hats?!

Monkey D Luffy's journey as the main character until One Piece 1047 so far is still running smoothly without any betrayal.

However, after One Piece 1047, Luffy's closest partner, Trafalgar Law, was allegedly going to betray the Straw Hats.

Here is One Piece 1047's surprise regarding Law's betrayal to Luffy.

One of the Supernova pirates, Law, is one of the characters to be reckoned with.

His role in making strategy in the big battle of Wano is really the key to how the struggle of the Straw Hat pirate alliance got this far.

One of his strengths is that he has a different way of thinking when compared to other Supernovas who are too confident in their respective strengths.

For example, like Eustass Kid who was beaten badly by Yonkou Kaido before the Straw Hat alliance came to Wano.

Even though it is clear that strength alone will not be enough to conquer the fierce sea of ​​One Piece.

That's why Law would never be willing to make such a move.

This is further clarified by Law in chapter 667, he who invites the Straw Hats into an alliance knows that Luffy is not the type of person who wants to be under someone's power.

Because according to him, there are only two choices of ways to survive the ferocious sea of ​​the New World, namely joining an alliance with the Yonkou or forming their own alliance and opposing the Yonkou.

In this chapter, whether he realizes it or not, Law has actually prepared what is happening at the moment in the Wano battle.

Law knows Punk Hazard is an island capable of disrupting the oceans of the New World because of the presence of SAD.

Sad is a chemical that is the main ingredient for making an artificial devil fruit, Smile.

So it is clear from the 11 Supernovas, only Law has a very great strategy to take down Yonkou Kaido.

Starting from destroying the SAD factory in Punk Hazard, kidnapping Caesar Clown, destroying the Smile factory in Dressrosa and defeating Doflamingo.

All of these are the first steps to reduce Kaido's combat troops and then attack him.

Then what Law has done is proven in chapter 1040, he and Kid managed to beat Yonkou Big Mom.

So now there is only one Yonkou who is still a big task for the Straw Hat alliance to win the battle at Wano.

But what really needs to be underlined here is, from all that Law has planned.

Is it possible that someday Law will betray Luffy? Because this kind of pattern often occurs in One Piece stories.

And the person who does it is always an astute figure and has a mature strategy like Blackbeard against Whitebeard's pirate group and Shiryu against the Marines.

Surprise in One Piece 1047: Trafalgar Law Betrays the Straw Hats?!

Moreover, in chapter 801 Doflamingo had said, "Who will face each other and who will betray each other."

That statement seems to indicate that there will be a betrayal that will occur in the Straw Hat alliance.

Plus, we don't yet know Law's real motive for joining the Straw Hat alliance despite his curiosity about the history of One Piece and the D clan.

It will be interesting to see if Law will betray Luffy in One Piece 1047 or the next chapters.

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