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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoiler: Fight Toman!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoiler: Fight Toman!

Kakucho's spirit rises because of Mikey, the Kakucho vs Takemichi fight continues!

Preview of Tokyo Reveners Manga Chapter 246 Bahasa Indonesia

Kakucho's defeat by Takemichi made Toman generation 2's morale increase.

Not wanting to lose to Takemichi, all members of Toman 2 immediately attacked the Kantou Manji Gang members.

Even though there are only 50 people, the strength of the second generation Toman is not kidding.

More than 10 Kantou Manji members lost to Inupi, as well as Senju who defeated 13 Kantou Manji members with his kicks.

Seeing the ferocity of the Toman 2 members, the Kantou Manji members panicked and felt they would lose.

Mikey ignores his surroundings and chooses to approach Kakucho.

Mikey's words made Kakucho's spirit rise, he immediately stood up and ran to beat Takemichi.

Even though he was surprised, Kakucho's attack didn't make Takemichi fall!

Takemichi vs Kakuchi second half battle begins!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Manga Spoiler

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoiler: Fight Toman!

Mitsuya - Hakkai vs Haitani brothers!

The upcoming chapter 247 will contain the fierce battle of the members of Toman 2 and Kantou Manji.

One of the must-see battles is the battle between Mitsuya, Hakkai and the Haitani brothers - Ran and Rindou Haitani

Hakkai still seems to have a grudge against the Haitani brothers.

In chapter 128 ago, Mitsuya was surrounded by members of Tenjiku and was suddenly attacked by Haitani Ran.

This causes Mitsuya to be in a wheelchair and unable to participate in the Tenjiku arc fight.

Hakkai still has a grudge against it and now is Hakkai's time for revenge.

In addition to the fight of MItsuya - Hakkai and the Haitani brothers, another fight that fans have been waiting for the most is the battle of childhood friends - Inupi and Kokonoe.

These two inseparable childhood friends choose different camps in this war.

However, unlike the other members who hit each other when they met their opponent, until now Kokonoe and Inupi had never had a fist fight when they met, they just looked at each other and spoke indifferently.

Maybe in the upcoming chapter 247, we can see a tense battle between these two good friends.

Another battle that is also anticipated to appear is the battle between Senju and his former subordinates, Wakasa and Benkei.

The three overpowered characters who were once teammates actually don't have a grudge against each other.

However, the reason why the duo Wakasa and Benkei moved groups is still unclear.

It is likely that the reason will be revealed in the two's battle with their former leader.

In your opinion, which battle are you most looking forward to?

Tokyo Reveners Chapter 247 Manga Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoiler: Fight Toman!

The latest chapter of the Tokyo Revengers manga will be released on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 01.00 JST.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian and English versions will be released on the same day, at 06.00.

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