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Iyashikei: Anime Genre That Can Make You Feel Better

Iyashikei: Anime Genre That Can Make You Feel Better

Iyashikei, One of the favorite genres that has an amazing effect when watching it!

Yo minna!

Anime is a popular form of entertainment.  Not only are there stories about fighting and fantasy in anime, but anime also has stories of romance, comedy, and mystery. 

The anime that is shown usually includes several genres that represent the storyline.  But this time I want to talk about one of the genres that not many people still know.

 This time I will discuss about  the iyashikei genre, how?  Uh, sounds foreign doesn't it?

What is Iyashikei?

Shima Rin

In Japanese, Iyashikei is called the "anime healing genre", because this genre was created to heal its audience.  Anime with this genre is popular in Japan because the effects given by the anime can really help the audience.

As you know, there are always struggles in every country, including Japan. There are many things that cause people to have mental health problems

We never know what problems someone is facing and also, more importantly, we can't tell the burden of life to others.  Therefore, this genre comes to help, just by looking at the anime of this genre our mind can immediately calm down and can think clearly again.

Yes, this anime genre usually makes you feel a sense of peace

Characteristics of the Iyashikei Genre

Yuru Camp

One of the charasteristic of this genre is how light the storyline and conflicts are.  It also relies on background depiction in each of its episodes.

Unlike other genres that rely on the storyline to captivate the audience, the iyashikei genre relies more on the setting and the atmosphere to captivate the audience.

 The audience will not think about this a lot, they will tend to enjoy what's happening in the anime.

Life is not as sad as it is, at least this genre tries to bring that up, yes Iyashikei can open your eyes to the life you are living.

The calming effect of this anime will definitely make you want to try harder to face the problems you already have. 

In essence, this anime tries to show how to be happy with every kind of life--whether it's through a story about a fishing club or a story about a girl who loves camping.

This genre of anime is perfect for those of you who are tired of facing all the problems, especially if you're tired of dealing with the same thing over and over.

Just ake a break, and watch this genre anime, slowly everything will definitely get better.

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