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One Piece 1074 Spoiler: Oda Will Reveal Garp Has Invincible Power?

One Piece manga spoiler discusses the battle between Garp vs Blackbeard which raises many pros and cons as to who will lose.

Where Blackbeard is known to have several devil fruit powers, one of which is the power of darkness and Garp with his powerful Haki.

Even though the age difference is quite large and the crew is also unequal, where Blackbeard is younger and has a strong army of cruel criminals.

As for Garp, on the other hand, he is old and faces Blackbeard without any official naval support, which means that his troops are sober.

This is the moment the fans have been waiting for. it looks like Oda Sensei will finally reveal his power in chapter 1074.

Namely when the battle for Egghead Island started to heat up when he was going to face one of the four Yonkou, Blackbeard.

Even though many people predicted Garp would lose or even die at Blackbeard's hands at this moment, so that became a strong motive for Luffy to be furious.

In fact, it will be and become stronger for the sake of Blackbeard's opponent, which is theorized that it will be his final enemy and sworn opponent.

But it must be noted that Monkey D Garp, has been given legendary status by Eiichiro Oda.

As proof of how powerful he is, Garp is also placed with other strongest and legendary figures in the world of One Piece, such as Roger, the man known as the Pirate King.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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