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One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Oda Introduces a New Kind of Haki!

One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Oda Introduces a New Kind of Haki!

Did Eiichiro Oda give any hints regarding the emergence of a new type of Haki? 

Besides devil fruit, you of course already know about Haki. 

Haki is an extraordinary power that exists in the One Piece series. 

Not everyone is able to use or awaken Haki. 

Some of these abilities can be learned by everyone, but they don't necessarily work.

Even though most of the people in the New World possessed this ability, when compared to the total number of people in the world, only a few were able to use this power. 

Haki itself is basically an ability where a person is able to use their willpower or passion for something very extraordinary in a fight.

Haki itself, as we know, is divided into three types. 

First is Observation Haki, then Armament Haki, and Conqueror Haki. 

We certainly already know what and how and how strong Haki is in the series. 

However, information about Haki only emerged when Luffy trained together with Rayleigh. 

However, in fact the power of Haki itself has been shown by Oda even since the first chapter or episode of the series.

Other Haki

One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Oda Introduces a New Kind of Haki!

Although Haki is broadly divided into three types, in the story we often see how Oda Sensei develops this idea of ​​Haki. 

The most common of course is how Oda presents a much more extraordinary or advanced version. 

The obvious example is Advanced Armament Haki or Ryuo. 

In this level, the user will be able to destroy objects from within.

Or we can also look at Advanced Observation Haki, where the user will be able to see into the future for a while. 

And of course, the most epic is Advanced Conqueror Haki where when the user activates this power they will become an invincible figure. 

Kaido and Luffy are vivid examples of this.

Users can also apply Haki wherever they want. 

They can coat the body or other body parts with Haki. 

In fact, they can coat any weapon with Haki. 

This is certainly very interesting because the development of the concept of Haki is extraordinary which deepens and expands the mythology in the One Piece series.

Introducing Other Types?

One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Oda Introduces a New Kind of Haki!

However, there is an interesting point where Oda may provide clues about the emergence of other types of Haki. 

This speculation is based on the information circulating from the leaks for chapter 1063. 

In the information, we see how Trafalgar Law and Blackbeard's group fought each other. 

This happened after Blackbeard attacked Law in the middle of the ocean.

After docking to the nearest island, the fight finally happened. 

However, an interesting detail later emerged in the battle. 

Other information states that in the midst of the fight appeared lightning or white flashes. 

The flash is an effect that appears when Law uses his Haki.

Why then does this become “amazing”? 

Because, generally when a person uses the power of Conqueror Haki then a black flash will appear around him. 

We can see this in the battles of Whitebeard vs Roger, Luffy vs Kaido, or even when Shanks uses his Haki powers to make Aramaki surrender and then leave Wano.

Two possibilities that then arise from this are firstly it is a hint from Oda that there are other "types" of Haki in the world of One Piece. 

And he will introduce her through this fight. 

It could be, this is not an advanced level of the previous three Haki. 

But, really Oda will present a different kind of new Haki.

The second possibility is that it is a combination of some advanced Haki. 

When Haki users combine their Haki abilities, what is likely to happen is that something unprecedented will occur. 

Law himself is known to have the ability Armament Haki and also Observation Haki. 

Perhaps, the white flash was an effect because Law combined the two Haki.

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