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One Piece: Nami is Im Sama's Relative!

One Piece: Nami is Im Sama's Relative!

There is an interesting theory about the character Nami, suggesting that she is possibly a relative of Im Sama. 

Eiichiro Oda often introduces intriguing characters in the story of One Piece. 

These characters have their own uniqueness and abilities. 

However, one thing that Oda often presents alongside these characters is their backstory.

The origins of the characters appearing in the One Piece series often remain a great mystery. 

For example, Nami, one of the main protagonists, still has her origin story shrouded in mystery until now. 

Fans are curious about Nami's past, which has led to the theory that Nami is a relative of Im Sama.

Nami's Role in the Story of One Piece

One Piece: Nami is Im Sama's Relative!

From the beginning of her appearance in the One Piece story, Nami managed to capture the attention of fans. 

She is the first non-Marine character that Luffy encounters, openly expressing her hatred for pirates. 

This is in stark contrast to the personality of the captain himself, Monkey D. Luffy. 

However, Nami's hatred undergoes a transformation after what Luffy does for her.

Nami herself is an adopted child of a retired Marine, Belle-Mere, along with her sister, Nojiko. 

The family lives a simple yet peaceful life in the village of Cocoyashi. 

Since a young age, Nami has shown her greatest talent in navigation, fully supported by Belle-Mere.

This is what sparked Nami's dream of creating a map of all the seas in the world. 

Despite living in Cocoyashi village with Belle-Mere, Oda Sensei has never explained Nami's true origins, such as which region she comes from. 

This differs from the other Straw Hat crew members.

On the other hand, the protagonist of the story, Luffy, has his origins known. 

With Nami's mysterious past, fans have come up with speculations and theories about Nami and Nojiko. 

For example, one theory suggests that Nami and Nojiko are descendants or children of Im Sama, who disappeared long ago. 

Both of them vanished from Mary Geoise before being found and raised by Belle-Mere.

Nami is a Relative of Im Sama

One Piece: Nami is Im Sama's Relative!

In addition to the theory that Nami is a lost child of Im Sama, there is another interesting theory among fans that suggests Nami is a relative of Im. 

This theory is based on the clues that Nami has the ability to control, master, and study weather. 

As geeks know, Nami is renowned for her navigational skills.

Nami is also known for her ability to predict the weather in the Grand Line region. 

This ability has even surprised some characters, as it is rare, if not almost nonexistent, for a character to accurately predict the weather. 

According to the theory, the Nerona family likely possesses weather-related abilities. 

Thus, Nami is given the nickname "The Lost Weather Queen of the Nerona Family."

The Nerona family is considered a skilled group of navigators who can control the weather effectively. 

Clues to this are evident when Im destroyed the kingdom of Lulusia. 

Im was able to control and move the Mother Flame to the desired coordinates. 

In chapter 1059, it is shown how Im can hide the Mother Flame behind black clouds.

Sabo himself even noticed the black clouds before a laser-like attack was unleashed, destroying Lulusia's assault. 

These various clues have led some fans to believe that Nami has a connection with Im, especially considering her navigational and weather control abilities. Some fans even theorize that Nami will betray Luffy.

Assuming these fan theories prove to be true, another speculation arises suggesting that Nami may betray Luffy. 

Nami is believed to reunite with Im and attempt to defeat Luffy. 

However, considering what has happened in the story thus far, it seems unlikely that Nami would betray Luffy, especially considering the debt of gratitude she owes him. 

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