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One Piece 1087 Spoilers: Im Sama's Secret of Immortality Revealed

The journey of the legendary manga that has never stopped getting the world's attention, the masterpiece by Eichiiro Oda. One Piece will now enter its 1084th chapter.

The enthusiasm that never goes away from all the fans in the world about the continuation of One Piece 1087 is so visible that the spoilers are scattered even though it hasn't been released yet.

In this One Piece 1087 spoiler leak, we will discuss interesting theories from various sources of world fandom regarding the secret of Im Sama's immortality being revealed, right?

Previously, Sabo had mentioned Im's name, then Ivankov found out that Im was from 800 years ago.

Ivankov also seems to know about Im's figure in a book that is suspected to be an encyclopedia.

Then, Ivankov himself said that if there was a possibility that Im had used the greatest power of Ope-ope's devil fruit, namely Operation Youth or Operation Eternity. 

This is what Ivankov suspects to be the reason why Im was able to live for 800 years.

This seems to confirm the theory of the previous fans. One other theory that has developed among fans regarding Im is that he is an immortal figure.

He may be from 800 years ago, because Im wields Ope-ope powers. Even though it's still just a guess, how Im uses that power does make sense.

If then Im did use Ope Ope's biggest strength, namely Youth Operation, the question is how did he do that?

According to the information in the story. when someone uses the power of Youth Operation, it must be paid for with the user's life.

That is, if Im did use the Ope-ope power then how is he still alive today?

There is a possibility that this has something to do with the figure of Nefertari Lily. As readers know, in chapter 1084. It was revealed that Lily's figure disappeared 800 years ago.

According to Cobra, the former ruler of Alabasta and one of the founders of the World Government is known to have disappeared without a trace. In fact, no record of Lily was ever there.

When Cobra later asked the Gorosei about this, they claimed they did not know where Nefertari Lily was.

What's interesting then is that Im seems annoyed with Lily's figure when Cobra mentions it
his name.

In fact, in chapter 1085 Im was furious and killed Cobra after mentioning Lily's name and mentioning her full name, Nefertari D Lily.

There is a possibility that Lily was forced by Im to consume the devil fruit Ope-ope before she used the power of Youth Operation on Im.

This made Lily finally die and Im was able to live for 800 years, and this then explains why Lily disappeared hundreds of years ago and the Gorosei didn't want to answer her whereabouts.

That's an interesting review of the spoilers for One Piece Manga chapter 1087, but of course the leaks won't be able to tell the whole story and only a part of it.

What is certain, like the previous chapters, Oda sensei will surely contain very interesting and surprising information.

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