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One Piece: The Meaning of Writing on the Bounty Poster

The meaning of the writing on the One Piece Bounty Poster. In the midst of the many interesting elements in the One Piece series, one that is quite unique is the game value system. 

Game value is another system that the World Government created. This they deliberately do in order to maintain peace and order throughout the world. 

This game value system was deliberately created as an effort to be able to catch the existing criminals.

As we know, the world of One Piece is very wide with various islands and other parts of the mainland. 

Even though the navy has a large fleet, capturing all these fugitives will certainly be a very difficult job. For this reason, the game value system was created to make it easier for the World Government to carry out its duties.

When a pirate has gotten the attention of the navy regarding what they are doing, then their side will offer a sum of money for anyone who can catch or bring the criminals or the navy to the navy. 

In the hunted posters that the navy distributes throughout the world there is always the words "life or death".

However, if geeks pay close attention, there are actually other interesting things that appear in the poster. 

In addition to the words "life or death" along with numbers or game values, at the bottom of the poster itself there is a fairly long text. 

In some moments, the writing is unreadable. 

Then, what exactly is the text and what does it mean?

The meaning of the writing on the poster

If you notice there is a long text under the wanted value of the wanted poster. 

His own writing reads, “Kono Sakuhin ha/wa fiction dethunode jitsuzaisuru jinbutsu dantaisonota no soshiki to doitsu no meishou ga gekichu ni toujyou shitatoshitemo Jitsuzai na monotoha issai mukankeideth.” The meaning itself is more or less "All of these things are pure fiction, all existing characters, associations and other organizations that have similarities to what appears in the story are completely unrelated."

As we already know that the One Piece story is the work of fiction from Eiichiro Oda. 

Tells the story of a boy named Monkey D. Luffy, who has a dream to become the king of pirates. 

Although One Piece is a fictional story, Oda himself admits that there are many elements in the story that are inspired by things in real life.

For example, some of the characters that appear are inspired or have similarities to several actors or actresses both from Japan or outside Japan. 

Oda also often includes elements of religion or belief or myth in his stories. 

For example, the story about Yamata no Orochi or the eight-headed snake which later became the power of Orochi.

Oda also often includes horrific elements in the real world that are well wrapped in epic and comedy-filled stories. 

For example, how the element of cannibalism that Big Mom shows is wrapped up in a big appetite. Then the genocide, and various other things. 

The purpose of the writing seems to be just to emphasize that it is all fiction. That's the meaning of the writing on the One Piece bounty poster.

Considering the body of sensitive elements such as the navy, pirates, the World Government, and so on, it's only natural that Oda is then careful. 

He probably just wanted to make anyone watching it realize that it was all fiction.

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