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One Piece 1058 Full Spoiler Reddit: Sabo Calls the Revolutionary Army Using Den Den Mushi

Currently, the full one piece 1058 Spioler has been opened by leakers.

In chapter 1058 Sabo will communicate with the Revolutionary Army.

Will that mean Sabo appears in this chapter?

Here's information on One Piece 1058 Reddit spoilers.

In the previous episode, or One Piece 1057, some surprising things were revealed.

Among them Yamato did not become a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and chose to surround Wano Kuni first.

Then Luffy, Law, and Kid's cooperation officially ended after the Wano arc.

The cover also discusses something astonishing, namely Caesar saving Germa 66 from Katakuri's attack.

At the end of the story, information is revealed regarding Hiyori's hatred of Kurozumi. Even Kurozumi called him born to burn.

It's just that it has not been informed where the Straw Hat Pirates' destination island is after this.

It is informed that One Piece 1058 will be released this weekend, 27-28 August 2022.

It's just that some leakers have opened up some hints and spoilers for One Piece 1058.

Here's information from reddit regarding the One Piece 1058 Reddit full spoiler regarding Sabo:

Head to Kamabakka Queendom. The leaders of the Revolutionary Army have returned safely.

Sabo wasn't with them, but they told Koala he was fine.

Karasu said that about the incident that happened after they parted
way, he chose to believe in Sabo.

Koala approaches Dragon, who says that if Sabo really kills King Cobra, he will not forgive him, no matter what the reason behind it is. Dragon was in front of Kuma and talked to him.

Dragon: "Tell me... Kuma... What have you seen?"
Kuma: "As you wish, my lord..."

Looks like Kuma is still acting like a slave. Suddenly, Den Den Mushi rang. Marine Headquarters intercepted the call to Kamabakka Queendom, they said it might be "Emperor of Fire" so they started recording it.

Koala takes Den Den Mushi.

Koala: "Shut up, please!!

Hi! It's a Koala!"

Sabo(Den Den Mushi): "It's me... Sabo...!!"

End of chapter. Rest next week.

That's the spoiler I got from reddit.

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