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One Piece: Vegapunk Devil Fruit Very Strong and Rare!

One Piece: Vegapunk Devil Fruit Very Strong and Rare!

Vegapunk is a genius doctor and very mysterious figure in the One Piece series.

Because the mysterious Vegapunk doctor figure just started to be revealed in chapter 1061 yesterday.

Doctor Vegapunk has been told his name since 16 years and began to reveal One Piece chapter 1061.

However, the female version of Vegapunk does not seem to be the original, but only a clone.

In the latest chapter, it was revealed that there were a total of 6 clones of the Vegapunk doctor.

In my opinion, the real Vegapunk doctor is quite an old man.

The figure of the Vegapunk doctor is famous for the genius he has so that he is able to create a terrible army for the World Government.

The appearance of the female version of the Vegapunk doctor in One Piece chapter 1061 made fans confused.

The reason is that in the One Piece series in the previous chapter, Vegapunk was depicted as an old man.

In this article we will discuss the possibility of whether Vegapunk's doctor ate a devil fruit or he was just an ordinary human.

The appearance of Doctor Vegapunk in One Piece chapters 1061 and 1062 is a very crazy attraction.

For a very long time, fans have been waiting for the appearance of one of the most mysterious and smartest people.

Vegapunk is claimed to have abilities that are equivalent to the intelligence that will exist in the next 500 years.

The technologies that Vegapunk's doctor could have invented or created might not be available to the Marines and others in the next 500 years.

Having Devil Fruit Knowledge

One Piece: Vegapunk Devil Fruit Very Strong and Rare!

Doctor Vegapunk is said to be the one who managed to uncover the secret behind the devil fruit which is one of the power systems in the world of One Piece.

In the SBS column itself, Eichiiro Oda once said that the appearance of the Vegapunk doctor in One Piece would certainly be closely related to the discovery of one of the biggest mysteries.

Especially if it's not the secret behind the devil fruit which until now still raises a question mark from where they can be created.

Is it true that a person can only eat one fruit?

It feels like we're all still confused about how the devil fruit works.

As we know, Marshall D. Teach is a person who can eat more than one devil fruit.

Not to mention that the appearance of Luffy's devil fruit in the One Piece series has recently been confirmed to have another name and gives extraordinary power.

We are certainly made more curious about what is the secret behind the power of Devil Fruits, something that of course only a Vegapunk doctor can explain.

Vegapunk Devil Fruit

One Piece: Vegapunk Devil Fruit Very Strong and Rare!

Vegapunk is a great scientist who can make artificial ibis fruit.

One devil fruit that was quite successful was the one eaten by Momo, where it was a dragon devil fruit like Kaido's.

However, the dragon that comes from Vegapunk's artificial devil fruit is pink, different from Kaido's.

If Vegapunk can make his own devil fruit, then it's no wonder he has his own devil fruit.

During this time Vegapunk made a Zoan type devil fruit.

But the zoan devil fruit type itself turns out to have several ancient to mythical models that are very rare and powerful.

It could be that Vegapunk is a rare devil fruit user like Sengoku's or even Kaido's.

What do you think?

Rintarou Time traveller.

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