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5 Moral Messages from KDrama Crazy Love, Stop Overthinking!

Even though it looks funny and light, a spectacle must have a moral message for the audience.  

Like the latest KDrama entitled Crazy Love.  

Although filled with hilarious scenes, this show seems to be a promising choice.  

This Disney+ Hotstar KDrama presents Kim Jae Wook and Krystal Jung as a super quirky couple.

Telling about the actions of a narcissistic boss and his secretary, there are many interesting things that you can get when you watch it.  

One of the implied messages that you should know is the following, here!

1. Work according to portions without neglecting your own health

In this KDrama, Lee Shin Ah (Krystal Jung) is the only secretary of Noh Go Jin (Kim Jae Wook) who can last up to one year.  

His hard work often makes people around him able to chuckle in awe.  

However, despite the career path that he has always wanted, he has experienced a lot of suffering.

Ignoring personal health, such as living an irregular lifestyle, being mentally tormented, until stress leads to disease.  

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Lee Shin Ah realized that all her hard work meant nothing more than her desire to live longer.

His story can serve as a reminder for all viewers to keep an eye on their health, no matter how busy their job is.
Often considered trivial, all of that actually started from overthinking, you know!

2. Sowing wounds doesn't necessarily make your life happy

Noh Go Jin has apparently gone through a painful process before becoming as famous as he is now.  

He is often belittled and treated arbitrarily by the people around him.  

It was this feeling of wanting to be recognized that finally made Noh Go Jin act arbitrarily to other people once his life was established.

His attitude like that is not worth emulating, huh!  

The bitter experience that has been felt is enough to be a valuable lesson.  

There is no need to make other people feel what we have felt, let alone just doing it for pleasure.

In addition, the suffering that other people feel also does not change the reality that you have experienced.  

In fact, those actions made you no different from the people who had hurt you.

3. Treat others the way you want to be treated

What you sow, that's what you will reap.

Noh Go Jin received a lot of hatred from people who were hurt by his words and actions, to the worst triggering others to commit crimes.

That's why one should be more careful in speaking.  

Treat others the way you want to be treated.  

Positioning yourself as the other person we are talking to seems to be one simple way to learn to respect the feelings of others.

4. No one can grow well without the role of family

Noh Go Jin has been abandoned by his family since he was young.  

At that age, the role of the family is very important.  

In the growth of a child, it takes a family figure who can direct him to know and distinguish between good and bad actions.

However, he never got it.  Noh Go Jin has lived alone since he was a child and only knows how to survive for himself.  

So, that mindset grew into adulthood and triggered him to work just for money.

Moreover, in the past, he had not eaten for a week because of the reason he had no money.  

Feelings of loneliness and need for love do not disappear even though life is now full of abundance.

5. The importance of self-tolerance

Still often ignored, in fact tolerance does need to be instilled in everyone.  

There are many forms of self-tolerance.  

For example, trying to identify yourself, think wisely, to accept yourself as you are.

 As long as you know what's best for you, your life will be much better.  

In this drama, Noh Go Jin can't involve his conscience to do his job.  

That's why everyone judged him as arrogant and heartless.

On the other hand, Lee Shin Ah was too tolerant of others to overwhelm herself.  In order to obey her boss's orders, she is willing to never take her day off.  

She also ignores her illness to take care of others for revenge.  

That means being too tolerant of others to torture yourself is also not a wise thing, huh!

You won't think, apparently there is a moral message behind this super funny KDrama.  

Even though the whole story is filled with humorous behavior between Krystal Jung and Kim Jae Wook, this drama still provides valuable lessons for the audience.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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