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One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Buggy Defeats Stainless, Becomes a Tough Duo with Caesar!

One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Buggy Defeats Stainless, Becomes a Tough Duo with Caesar!

The fate of the Shichibukai is predicted to be revealed in One Piece 1052 or later.

Until One Piece 1052, the story still focuses on the battle in Wano and also sees what the Gorosei did to Wano.

While the events beyond that, starting from the Revolutionary Army as well as the impact of the Levely results, or other pirate moves were still not shown.

Well, here is the discussion of One Piece 1052 regarding the consideration of the fate of Shichibukai like Buggy the clown who is now a regular pirate again.

Buggy's name suddenly became famous after the Marineford War which killed Whitebeard and Ace.

In the incident, it was revealed that Buggy was a former crew member of the Roger Pirate King, and also a partner of the yonkou Shanks.

The world was even surprised by the interactions that occurred between Buggy and Shanks in the Marineford War.

Based on this background, as well as the hundreds of Impel Down convicts who followed Buggy, the World Government finally made this red nose a Shichibukai.

Buggy himself initially struggled to find a way out of the situation he was in at the time, but in the end enjoyed greater strength and power as a result of the condition.

Even though he was no longer a Shichibukai, Buggy had already acquired the status of a kingpin in the underworld, taking over most of the market that Doffy had previously controlled.

Although he was still a coward and continued to let his crew do most of the fighting for him, his current state was unintentional.

He would almost certainly accidentally stumble into a situation where he would get credit for defeating a great foe

On the other hand, the Vice Admiral who came to capture him is referred to as Stainless, who has appeared several times, most notably during the Marineford War.

From some of his appearances, Stainless is basically a swordsman, which gives Buggy an advantage, as he is immune to slashing attacks.

Although it is not known if the slash was clad in haki, whether it still can't injure him, but it is believed that Buggy was able to defeat Stainless, whether it was intentional or due to his stupidity.

One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Buggy Defeats Stainless, Becomes a Tough Duo with Caesar!

After Buggy defeats the fleet that attacked him, perhaps readers will see how he plans his next move.

It is believed that it was then that he would have a surprise visitor, namely his fellow clown, Caesar Clown.

This clown duo is believed to have been around since the first time Caesar was introduced, it felt inevitable that he would eventually meet Buggy.

The togetherness of these two clowns will make them a very formidable duo, Buggy stumbles upon a greater power.

It should also be noted that Buggy recently lost his most valuable mercenary, the 5 Giants led by Hajrudin, who is now known as the New Giant Warrior Pirates.

Having Ceaser join his crew would give him an alternative way of generating an army of Giants.

However, this is still a theory for One Piece 1052 or later, which could be true or false depending on the main story of Oda Sensei.

Disclaimer: The discussion of One Piece 1052 spoilers in this article is solely made for entertainment and does not intend to precede the content of the story. The storyline in this article may differ from the original story.

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